We are used to connecting with people face-to-face, on the phone or via email. Internet-based social networking tools allow us to connect in ways that ensure that we are:

  • Accessible
  • Able to exchange information fast
  • In-the-know and considered part of "the crowd"
  • Not "missing in action"
In fact, these tools allow us to be "hyper-linked." You are linked to your colleagues in not just one way, but in many ways.

Tools that allow us to connect to each other include LinkedIn and Facebook. People also connect through various sharing services, where they can track what their friends are sharing (e.g., Flickr).

We connect both as colleagues and friends. Professionally, we want to:

  • Present our capabilities
  • Discover and leverage professional opportunities
  • Use our extended networks to find and reach potential partners, clients, users, or employees
  • Locate relevant and useful information
How can Hurst Associates help you?
  • We work with you to investigate and select tools that would be beneficial for your environment.
  • We train your staff in how to use the tools.
  • We train your trainers so they can educate new staff as well as your users on these tools, as appropriate.
  • We help you develop appropriate policies concerning acceptable usage, privacy and security.
For more information on our services, contact Hurst Associates at (315) 243-4403 or