We grow up sharing toys, tools and information. With the web technologies that are being developed, we can now share more easily online. We can share:

  • Documents
  • Browser bookmarks / favorites
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Presentations
  • ...and more
Although we often share items for fun, these sharing services have real business applications. We can:
  • Increase our knowledge by reading or viewing materials that others have shared.
  • Share our knowledge and demonstrate our expertise.
  • Become global experts in our fields by publishing online using blogs, wikis and other tools.
  • Extend the reach of what we do face-to-face (e.g., presentations) by placing materials online for others to view.
  • Touch more people more often.
  • Deliver value to our network.
For example, in photo sharing services (e.g., Flickr, PhotoBucket, and KoffeePhoto), you can:
  • Post screen shots of presentations.
  • Post information that you want people to review or comment on.
  • Post photos to use for instruction (formally or informally).
  • Store photos that you want to use on your organization's web site, then use a widget to display those photos.
  • Search photos for ideas.
How can Hurst Associates help you?
  • We know that not every tool is appropriate for every environment. We will consider the constraints of your environment and work with you to select the best tools for your situation.
  • We train your staff in how to use the tools.
  • We train your trainers so they can educate new staff as well as your users on these tools, as appropriate.
  • We work with you on developing appropriate policies concerning acceptable usage, privacy and security.
For more information on our services, contact Hurst Associates at (315) 243-4403 or