About Me

It is easy to say that Jill Hurst-Wahl is a a speaker, writer, researcher, educator, and consultant. The truth is she is a person who has worn many "hats" and thus brings a range of skills to whatever she does. Jill is:

  • well-versed in U.S. copyright law and provides training and advisory services related to applying copyright law in different situations including libraries. She blogs about copyright, and other topics, at Digitization101.com.
  • a results-driven facilitator and project manager.
  • interested in innovation, developing new ideas, and teaching others how to brainstorm effectively.
  • frequently a coach or mentor to new information professionals.
  • an information professional who enjoys digging into business questions and locating their answers.
  • a former academic and now professor emerita in Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies, where she taught and held leadership positions.
  • a former IT professional and corporate librarian.
  • the co-author of The Information and Knowledge Professional's Career Handbook: Define and Create Your Success, which she wrote with Ulla de Stricker.

Jill was a member of the USNY Technology Policy and Practices Council (2009-2020) and Regents Advisory Council on Libraries (2007-2012).  She is currently a member of the Onondaga County Public Library Board of Trustees (12/2016 to present), EveryLibrary Institute (2019-present). and the Save Our Libraries Institute (2020-present).


Jill's background allows her to effectively work on a large range of projects. For example:

  • Copyright training for library staff and patrons, as well as business people.
  • Work with staff on updating internal and external library policies with an eye towards current best practices.
  • Workshops on the environment and techniques for successful brainstorming, and the next steps to take. (Brief example)
  • Idea generation (ideation) facilitation for individuals and teams.
  • Contract project planning and/or project management..
  • Coaching new leaders in time management and communications.

    The Road Ahead


Use one of the methods below, so we can discuss working together to address your project idea:

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